We are storytellers. Accuracy is very important, as is sensitivity and respect for our subjects and our audience. Primarily, we tell stories about incredible people and challenging situations.

We consider ourselves "caretakers" of these people's stories. We are obliged to these people for allowing us into their lives. Quite often, when I ask our prospective characters why are they willing to do so, they tell me, "If I can help one other person get through a similar situation, then it's worth it”. We are fortunate that so many people are willing to share their stories and their experiences.

We hope we can help make the world a more understanding place through the telling and dissemination of these stories. We believe we can make a difference if we try.

It is a privilege and an honor to do this work. We are allowed to meet all kinds of amazing people - many of whom become lifelong friends. We see unbelievable sights - some which actually make it to tape - and we learn all sorts of interesting things on a daily basis - some which we actually remember.

Thanks for visiting our website. We hope you enjoy our shows and encourage you to contact us if you know of an important story that needs telling.

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