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Ajit Anthony Prem

For much of his life, Ajit Anthony Prem lived peacefully and joyously in a fantasy world of his own making. One day, not too long ago, he found himself happily married. Since then he has boldly and quietly stepped into the real world.

He constantly complains that time passes him quicker than it does others. Though he cites Einstein’s Theory of Relativity as proof of this, he will admit he has neither read or understands (or even cares about) Einstein’s original reasoning.

His smaller than large life began in a big city in India. At the time, the great port city was called Madras, but because of patriotic fervor that swept India after his family moved to New York, the city is sadly now called Chennai. As an Indian boy, Ajit loved his cricket (still does), he also loved Michael Jackson and Carl Lewis. If you had asked young Ajit what he would like to be when he grew up, his answer would have been: Olympic track athlete/ pop dancer/ actor/ film director/ Cricket all-rounder/ massage therapist/ President of the World. If the same question were posed today, his answer would be no different.

When Ajit moved to New York at fourteen years old, he stepped onto the streets in his most awesome acid-wash jeans. Sadly, they were a decade behind the times. Hoping they would make a comeback, he continued to wear them. Luckily, some good people in college said advised that they were never coming back and that he should try a more current style. As he does with all new things, Ajit learned American fashion quickly, and has become so fashionable that he can now openly and blatantly break all fashion rules.

His life in film began when he secretly switched from a business major to a communications major at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY. It is unclear whether he finally found the courage to believe in his dreams or simply couldn’t sit through another business class. Either way, the world is happier for it. At his College, he also found one of his biggest supporters-his college Professor, Dr. Lynne Jackson. Till then, he had never understood why people got teary-eyed about teachers. He does now- you will often hear his voice break as he speaks of his edumacation.

After college, Ajit set forth to conquer the movies. His projects were ambitious and, for a few, mind-blowing. But the big ideas prevented him from actually making anything of his own. He did however find himself editing some incredible documentaries. His editing credits include Two Bells/ Two Worlds featuring Susan Sarandon & Howard Zinn, Race or Reason that premiered at the Margaret Mead Festival, and Riding in Stride which ran on PBS.

In 2003, when he fell head over heels for his future wife, Ajit the filmmaker began to sprout. Days before he left NY to be with his wife in North Carolina, he shot his short film Dear Stranger. The film premiered at Annapolis Film Festival in 2006. About the same, time, he also started a videoblog called SquiggleBooth with some of his filmmaking friends. On SquiggleBooth, he wanted to post one video every week. He quickly realized that he liked quality as much as quantity and abandoned the plan. He now posts when he bloody well feels like it.

Ajit has had retrospectives of his work at the Ava Gardner film festival and the All American Film Festival, where his podcast Banana Bus won Best North Carolina short in 2008. He was also featured on the television show Second Cinema.

His life in North Carolina has been sweet. Along with his new family, he has added some great friends. As many of his friends are filmmakers or are interested in the arts, film business is never far off from any conversation. This could not make Ajit any happier because he is firm believer that friends and business DO mix. Ajit currently works at Figure 8 Films where he finds himself among a select few in this world that can say they love the company they work for.