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Alexandra Cummings

Alex hails from Richmond, Virginia, where she spent a good chunk of her childhood mouthing off and, subsequently, sitting in timeout. From a young age, she was dead-set on someday becoming either a prison guard, a bag lady or a hamster trainer. So it’s really no surprise that she would ultimately end up in the TV industry.

After seeing a few of Figure 8’s shows and documentaries on TLC and Discovery Health, Alex sensed that there was something special about the company behind these stories. She decided it would be a good idea to cold call the office every day and beg for an internship until someone eventually conceded. And that’s basically what happened. Fortunately, it was during this summer internship that she recognized her actual career path.

Alex attended Washington and Lee University (her dad’s beloved alma mater) and graduated in 2013. She studied journalism and English and liked feeling socially relevant during those four years. She also enjoyed creating a little video niche on campus. Whether it was for her sorority’s recruitment week, the university’s homepage or the school’s student-run political mock convention, Alex was always toting around a camera and holing herself up in the edit bay. She dabbled in wedding videography as well, a side business that she still maintains.p>

After college, she worked in the DC area at a boutique firm specializing in Hispanic marketing, advertising and public relations for companies like Ford, Darden, MillerCoors and Disabled American Veterans.

From there, she moved to Raleigh after accepting a surprise job offer from Trailblazer Studios, where she would get to work on 19 Kids & Counting, Kate Plus 8, Sister Wives, Salvage Dawgs and The Holderness Family.

And now she’s back at Figure 8 Films as an associate producer. How things come full circle!

Aside from moving five times and having a whole host of different phone and insurance plans in the two short years she’s been out of college, Alex is pleased to report that she and her little rescue mutt Banks are living happily ever after and embracing their adulthood.