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Deanie Wilcher

There are two things that Deanie Wilcher was born to do - entertain people and manage money. (Well, three things if you count eating southern fried chicken as a vocational skill).

Some of her first memories are of touring with her family as gospel singers. They'd stand the 4 year-old Deanie up on a stool and she'd sing her heart out. She also fondly recalls helping her daddy count the church's Sunday contributions - penny by penny. In these memories, we find the seeds of a great television producer and a brilliant money manager.

As the financial brains (and spine and guts and various other anatomy) of Advanced Medical Productions, it's Deanie's responsibility to balance the creative ideas of the production teams (read: expensive ideas), with the real world constraints of the budget (read: what's the most we can do with the least money).

"I like working with budgets because numbers are black and white (never red please!). They're very straight forward. And, yet, making a good budget is as creative an act as directing or editing."

Over the years (she'd prefer we not count decades) since graduating with a music degree from Birmingham Southern College, Deanie has been an opera singer, performed in musical theater, managed various professional offices, owned a gift and antique shop and co-wrote a feature length screenplay. Today, she's a compulsive runner and exerciser, but, most importantly, a mother to three wonderful young women and now a grandmother to four fabulous grandchildren. As she likes to say, her experience as a mother is what really prepared her to be a producer.

"Producing is just like mothering. What do you need to have a happy crew? Make sure they know their schedule, get them there on time, always keep them well fed and let them believe that they're in control!"