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Jen Stocks

Jen Stocks would like to confess she works best under deadline pressure- but that fact alone didn't turn her into the multi-talented hit television producing machine she¹s become. She also possesses a free-wheeling imagination and a gift for organization (two traits that were once thought to be impossible to find in one brain). But, perhaps the number one gift she brings to her work as a storyteller is the strange compulsion people have to tell her their secrets.

"For some reason people have always like to confide in me. I have no idea why but they just liked to tell me their secrets"

After graduating from Emerson College with a BA in communications (and a bundle more secrets she¹s not at liberty to discuss), Jen moved to California to begin her work in television, quickly turning her unique blend of skills into a career to be proud of and working her way from writing the cue cards for The New Newlywed Game, to producing, directing and writing hours of emotionally powerful television. She¹s thrilled with this evolution, not only because it¹s more satisfying intellectually and allows her to travel the country meeting fascinating people, but also because she was never regarded as an ³A-list² cue card writer in LA.

"I would always leave a word or two out... no matter how hard I tried!"

But, LA was not home and after 8 years, she made the tough decision to leave the epicenter of the tv world for North Carolina to be nearer her family (and adorable niece!). Little did she know at the time this would prove a brilliant career move. But soon, Advanced Medical heard about Jen and she heard about Advanced Medical and the rest is history.

When Jen is not producing brilliant television, she is busy being amazed by her adorable children, Daisy and Elliott, searching for the perfect sushi bar, and collecting more secrets.