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Kami Winningham

Kami Winningham began her journey with Advanced Medical Productions and Figure 8 Films during the summer of 1997 when she served as an intern for the company. Her first task? Logging a burn surgery for The Operation series.

"I knew if I could handle seeing that much blood without passing out, I could handle anything!" After graduating from the University of Alabama, she made the move to Chapel Hill and began her career in production. Over the next 5 years she would wear many hats - production assistant, assistant editor, post-production supervisor, life coach and sometimes - mind reader - whatever needed to be done!

"What I love about working at a small production company is that I was able to learn about every facet of production. If I was interested in learning the art of sound mixing or writing a treatment or dressing a set, I was encouraged to jump in and do it. Any and every opportunity to soak up knowledge of my field was available to me.”

Kami moved to Nashville in late 2004 where she worked for another small production company as a project manager, producer and writer. Her years in Nashville were mostly spent working on a video-based children's Sunday School curriculum for the United Methodist Publishing House. She also wrote and directed videos for many Nashville-based non-profits like Nurses for Newborns and Mercy Children’s Clinic.

Kami returned to Chapel Hill and to her family at Figure 8 Films in Fall 2010. She works in the Carrboro home office as VP, Production Management. This position draws on her experience of overseeing multiple projects with challenging deadlines. “Every day is different and I am daily challenged to work smarter, be better and enjoy the ride.”