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Kirk Streb

Kirk Streb is a very talented fellow. A producer, director, writer, editor, composer and narrator, Kirk is the creative brain trust of Figure 8 Films. Having worked with Bill Hayes over the last 19 years, they can virtually read each other's minds (which can be frightening to both of them!).

"Bill taught me everything he knows and I taught him everything I know. Our next goal is to teach someone else everything we know and relax."

As a little boy in Iowa, Kirk hung out in his basement and worked tirelessly to escape the probing eyes of his parents- teaching himself to play guitar and enjoying his creative solitude- a skill that would serve him well later when he spent 16-hour days in the edit suite.

Kirk enjoyed college so much he stayed for eight years (with some time off for bad behavior). Eventually graduating from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor's Degree, he headed out into the cruel world and immediately began freelancing in various aspects of television production.

"I've had an amazing knack for convincing people I can do things I've never actually done before and amazing luck at never being found out."

Over the years he's lost count of all the programs he's worked on, but the thrill never goes away.

"Producing television shows is a unique kind of storytelling. We like to keep the reality in reality television which means we're constantly trying to create entertaining story-lines from everyday events. It's a little bit like being on a never-ending fishing expedition. Fortunately, I like fishing."

But making television is not the only artistic skill Kirk possesses. He's a published songwriter, he's written a novel as well as co-written a feature length screenplay and occasionally likes to express himself with oil paints and canvas.

His "free" time is usually spent matching wits with his 20 year-old daughter, playing music, gardening, tending back-yard chickens, weight lifting, mountain biking, karate and dreaming up his next windmill to chase.