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Maggie Kay

As a champion list maker and multitasker, Maggie is perfectly suited to the job of Coordinating Producer. She wrangles crew, travel, gear, schedules, location clearances, insurance, and basically does everything in her power to make executive producers’ dreams come true. You need to send a family of 25 to Alaska for a ten-day shoot five weeks from now? She’ll get right on it.*

Maggie first came to Figure 8 Films as an intern during her senior year at UNC Chapel-Hill, where she studied Media Production and Anthropology. After graduating in 2007, she came onboard as a full-time production coordinator and has been with the company ever since. After a five-year stint working remotely from Washington, D.C., Maggie recently came home to North Carolina to rejoin the office team. (As many of her coworkers can attest, Carrboro exerts a strong pull.)

When not working, Maggie loves cooking, reading, getting sucked into British TV shows, and spending time with her husband and their scruffy terrier mutt, Neville. She is also very proud to be the only female staff member who can change the 5-gallon jug on the office water cooler.

*This really happened.