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Mary Wilcher

If you ask Mary what she does at F8F she may have a hard time explaining it to you. If you ask Mary what she knows about F8F you better take a seat. Mary is our resident informant. If it is happening, has happened or will happen on one of our many shows Mary knows about it. It is her job to know everything about everything and then tell everyone else.

So, how does one prepare for a job like this? Well, let’s take a look at Mary’s path…It started 15 years ago when she was 15 and had the good fortune to break her neck. Literally. Where upon she became a subject on a Bill Hayes/Advanced Medical Productions original series, The Operation. After that, the weirdest thing happened, Bill and Mary became roommates. No, I’m not kidding. Bill offered Deanie (Mary’s mom) a job and so they moved in with Bill in North Carolina. Teenage angst making Mary a difficult one to live with, at 18 she packed her bags for Los Angeles, where she lived for 6 years as an actor and model. And a pretty successful one at that, ever hear of a little show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Anyhoo, after realizing the life of an actor was not for her she packed her bags — again (only slightly heavier this time, apparently LA has some pretty good shopping). She headed back to North Carolina where she made the decision to go into advertising. She attended the school, The Creative Circus, in Atlanta and got her degree as a copywriter.

Fresh out of school she was offered a job at an agency in Winston-Salem, NC. Mary assures me that it was never her intention to move back to North Carolina, but don’t tell her mom that. There she worked on several successful print, TV, radio, and online campaigns, her favorite medium, of course, being TV. You can take the girl out of LA, but she’ll find another way in to TV.

After 6 years in LA as an actor and 3 years in advertising as a writer, Mary started to notice a trend. She was always happiest when working in television, no matter what job or side of the production. It was, is and always will be her passion.

The light bulb finally turned on. And after some serious thought, discussions and interviews with Bill, Kirk and Deanie, Mary’s bags were packed, yet again (this time she paid someone else to do it.) She moved back to Chapel Hill to join the families, both her own and Figure 8, which, at times, are one and the same.