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Shannon James

Shannon came to Figure 8 Films as an intern during her junior year at UNC Chapel Hill, where she quickly ascended to the title of Best Intern Ever in the History of the Company. Or at least the most persistent, as upon her graduation in 2008, she joined the team full time. Since then, she's done a little bit of everything around the office, from working on deliverables, coordinating shoots, and running assisting the Art Department. She's currently found her niche helping Deanie with all things financial and spends most days keeping track of expenses and making sure everyone gets paid. As someone who enjoys money, this seems to be a perfect fit. She has garnered an astounding 85 F8F Employee of the Month awards during her tenure, or probably would have, if F8F had an Employee of the Month award.

When not at work, Shannon enjoys reading obscure Russian (or YA) literature, drinking Coke, going horseback riding, watching Ryan Gosling movies and USA Network TV shows, working on paint-by-numbers, and spending time with her dog Jonesy. She is also the owner of Neal, the Figure 8 Films Official Pet Fish.