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Tori Holder

Tori would argue that at least 46% of her brain is taken up with 19 Kids and Counting facts and trivia. What occupies the other 54%? She'll never tell…

Tori graduated from NC State with a degree in Communication Media. She counts herself lucky that an office full of Duke and UNC grads, fans, and interns humors her Wolfpack allegiance. After graduating in 2008, Tori began post coordinating for Trailblazer Studios where she worked with Figure 8 on 19 Kids and Counting, Sister Wives, and several other series and specials ranging in topics from 'gators to conjoined twins.

After almost 4 years of post coordinating in NC, Tori decided to trade in sweet tea and "ya'lls" for unsweet tea (yuck) and "you's guys" in a little town you may have heard of...New York City. It didn't take long before she knew she couldn't live without Figure 8 (and sweet tea) so she packed her bags, moved back home, and officially joined the team as a post producer. Needless to say, Figure 8 has a magical way of getting the good ones back.

When not naming all 19 Duggar kids in birth order (which is pretty impressive) Tori enjoys really scary movies, trips to Target, and singing along to Dolly Parton. Okay...maybe she will tell what fills that remaining 54% percent of her brain after all.