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627 Lb Woman: Jackie's Story


"For many years I tried to pretend that I wasn't as big as I was. I just want to be like everyone else... I just want to feel human again."

In “627 LB Woman: Jackie’s story,” we meet a courageous woman the day before she is scheduled to have life-saving bariatric surgery, and follow her for 8 months as she struggles to regain her life. House-bound for several years, Jackie spends 22 hours a day in her bed. Her excessive weight prevents her from walking or even standing for more than a couple minutes. And recently a large mass, believed to be a hernia, has developed on her right side which also greatly affects her mobility. During her gastric bypass surgery, her doctor plans to repair the hernia as well. Jackie is desperate to begin living life again.

As we chronicle her weight loss journey, we witness Jackie’s painful and complicated recovery from surgery, which has left her with little to no appetite. Jackie immediately experiences rapid weight loss due to complex digestive problems, and is re-admitted into the hospital. For several months, Jackie is in and out of hospitals as different physicians attempt to help her. And although she loses half of her original body weight, Jackie’s outcome is not at all what anyone expected, and not anything like she had hoped for.