• Executive Producer: Bill Hayes

  • Producer/Director/Writer: Monica Lange

  • Production Manager: Deanie Wilcher

  • Supervising Producer: Kirk Streb

  • Full Cast & Crew Credits

Unlocking Autism


Unlocking Autism explores autism from both a scientific and personal perspective. With occurrences of autism increasing at staggering rates, there has never been a greater interest in the condition -- or a more crucial time to learn what researchers are uncovering.

We will visit some of the leaders in the field who are slowly chipping away at the mystery on many different fronts -- from the causes to the therapies. Above all, we will learn about autism through the lives of those who are personally affected.

By the hour's end, we will have taken a voyage into the lives of some of autism's most fascinating characters and learned about the challenges and successes of overcoming the still mysterious disorder known as autism.